In this course you will quickly learn to accompany simple songs. The course is designed for beginners who like to sing and accompany themselves with the guitar. Also suitable for teachers at the kindergarten / primary and secondary level. Previous experience, including knowledge of music is not required.

The following skills are taught and deepened:

Singing: You enjoy singing and learn to use the voice well. Now you also learn to accompany and coordinate singing with the guitar.

Grips and grip changes: Which grips are important and how exactly do you practice grip changes?

Different accompaniment patterns: You learn to accompany songs with plucked accompaniment (picking) or with percussion guitar accompaniment. Which accompaniment pattern do you apply to a song and why? What would be alternatives? You may learn accompaniment patterns with percussive elements (“string slapping”) and accompaniment patterns with alternating basses and bass runs.

How do you accompany a song in triple time and in quadruple time? For this we will look at different accompaniment patterns.

The song is too high or too low for you to sing. How can I make the song higher or lower (= transpose = change the key)? What is the use of a capo in this context? How do you use a capo? How do you find the starting note of a song?

The goal is to enjoy the songs we worked on, sing along with the guitar, and answer any unanswered questions about the song introduction so that everyone has their own song repertoire by the end of the class!

Take along: A nylon string acoustic guitar, a footstool, a notebook of sheet music. Lesson materials will be provided by me.

Lessons are intended to be “application oriented!”

Over the years I have completely changed my teaching approach. I want to teach the instrument in an application-oriented way. That means, the things you learn or work on, result from your formulated wish. That means, if you want to learn simple chords and accompany simple songs, then we start with that. Already in the first lesson you will learn chords and you will be able to accompany a simple song. You will be guided as quickly as possible to the goal of accompanying songs and singing along with them.