Guitar Music from the Sixties and early Seventies: Music by Myers, Sacksioni, Schibler, Ch.Byrd, Castérède und Lennon-Mc Cartney.

Han Jonkers, Guitar

Cadenza-Records CAD 800914 Release: 6/1997

Stanley Myers (1933-1993)
Cavatina 1971

Harry Sacksioni (*1950)
Goofy 1965/73
Scarborough Fair 1965/73
Meta Sequoia 1965/73

Armin Schibler (1920-1986)
From the “Black Guitar” 1964/67
I want to die easy when I die

Charly Byrd (*1925)
Three Blues for Classic Guitar 1961
Spanish Guitar Blues
Blues for Felix
Swing ’59

Jacques Castérède (*1926)
Deux Inventions pour guitare 1973
Hommage aux Pink Floyd

Armin Schibler
From the “Black Guitar”
Nobody Knows
I’m a rolling

John Lennon & Paul Mc Cartney
Because 1969

Armin Schibler
“Un homme seul” 1963/67
Kleines Konzert für Gitarre allein
L’homme médite
L’homme lutte
L’homme rêve
L’homme danse

Armin Schibler
From the “Black Guitar”
Moses in Egypt
Josuah fit the battle of Jericho

Audio samples

Han Jonkers plays fluent, firm, direct, rhythmically tight, with a good clean sound – in other words the sort of player you’d want for this repertoire. OK, any repertoire.

Classical Guitar 11/ 98

Ein abwechslungsreiches Crossover-Programm der Extra-klasse.